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Edson Nelson Soares Botelho


Message for the World Day of Peace, I wish to offer to

 everyone, individuals and peoples, my best wishes for 

a life filled with joy and hope. In the heart of every man

 and woman is the desire for a full life, including that

 irrepressible longing for fraternity which draws us to 

fellowship with others and enables us to see them not as 

enemies or rivals, but as brothers and sisters to be accepted.



In many parts of the world, there seems to be no 

end to grave offences against fundamental human

 rights, especially the right to life and the right to 

religious freedom. The tragic phenomenon of human

 trafficking, in which the unscrupulous prey on the

 lives and the desperation of others, is but one unsettling

 example of this. Alongside overt armed conflicts are the

 less visible but no less cruel wars fought in the economic 

and financial sectors with means which are equally destructive

 of lives, families and businesses.


Poesias de Edson Nelson Soares Botelho

Título Data Com. Vis.
VOCÊ 23/11/2020 0 --
AREIA DA PRAIA 07/11/2020 0 13
UM GRANDE AMOR 06/11/2020 0 21
DELINEANDO 06/11/2020 0 16
O DESEJO DE AMAR 31/10/2020 0 17
A FONTE DO AMOR 31/10/2020 0 11
O BRILHO DO AMOR 31/10/2020 0 16
O ÚLTIMO ADEUS 31/10/2020 0 14
VOCÊ É O PARAÍSO, EU A LUZ 28/10/2020 0 13
BUSCO EM VÃO 27/10/2020 0 12
CONQUISTAR O AMOR 20/10/2020 0 14
AMOR NO PARAÍSO 20/10/2020 0 11
SONNET BREEZE 19/10/2020 0 11
AMOR NO PARAÍSO 19/10/2020 0 --
AMAR PARA SEMPRE 19/10/2020 0 10
ESPERANÇA 19/10/2020 0 --
E O VENTO LEVOU 18/10/2020 0 15
PEACE and LOVE 18/10/2020 0 18
A VIDA É MINHA 18/10/2020 0 12