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I only call your name

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At late afternoon I see the rain
in my empty soul I feel the pain
but your eyes could meet my demand
and bring happiness close to my hand
feeling the raindrops on my face
I see your picture in all the places
and it suddenly brings me all
until your name that I just call
and the memory of your name 
slowly goes with the rain,
finally I feel free at last,
like a voice that comes to me from the past
my thoughts are lost in your bed
and so I always feel so sad
but deep down, the only truth
is that I really want to play with you
and I say quietly, let's play
we will stay until the end of the day
but, if your game I am no part,
just let me stay quiet in your heart.
And a little moment before starting the game
If you need me, only say my name .
But, if all the players is on the floor,
Don’t wait for me, only close the door.


Perdoem pelos erros, mas a minha pouca noção de inglês foi aprendida nas legendas dos filmes.


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