We should not have to fight for freedom

Because the human being is born free

And he dies free.


We should not have been slaves from each other

Guess we are still slaves from each other 

Emotionally, financially, whatever, you decide your prison.


We can have money, beauty, fame, power.

But still we keep slaves from each other

There's no freedom for the human soul

that remains in eternal prison.


"Who is the best?" That's the talk between them

And this talk has never ended and its getting even worse.


Competition is prison

Cooperation is freedom

Make a wise choice.


Our spirit seeks for freedom all the time

But he remains in the darkness of the prison of the flesh.

We are prisioners from our own mind, own conscience.


And we make war, we fight, we die

We pass the whole life with no freedom,

not for a minute.


I just hope that one day i can really be free

and all of them. Hope it can be done before death,

because death is freedom for imposition, and we should

be free by choice.


Open your heart and discover how good

is being free!

Diego de Andrade
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