You shed your tear and the wind
was coloured by a sad tone
which absorbed both the day and the night:
it was a profound gloom swallowing the existence;
your then dead smile was the only resource
that would crystalize both the sun’s and the moon’s hearts.

But your smile now belongs to your recollections,
whilst your mind anachronistically materialises it
the existence is not part of its visualisation and because I am,
the existence makes me part of your visualisation
as an attempt to dispose of the sad tone
which strenuously overwhelms its essence.

Nonetheless, the earth-bound reality
leads your mind to come down the earth
as my heart is wrapped by the gloom
which then feeds on what the absence
caused your tear to go after the wind;

that source is neither strong as the sun nor as the moon,
but still turned the sad tone into brightness and lightness
what caused your smile to come back to life
and the plight of the existence to switch over to blessing.


Serano Manjate
© Todos os direitos reservados